Welcome to All Surface Restorations! We provide a range of restoration services to restore your home back to its former glory. We perform restorations to your old houses and heritage homes. We also have the skills to match the old to new when you decide on building an extension. Further restoration services include feature walls and removing paint and wash brick, stone, render, porch floors, cement and pavers. We provide a range of different services to clean and restore a variety of surfaces. Below is a detailed list of each:

Paint Removal/Stripping:

Our talented team provides paint removal and stripping to the following surfaces:

  • Brick and stone
  • Bricks
  • Stone – sand and blue stone
  • Render

Paint stripping of the above surfaces will transform that whole outlook of your home or building. By removing all these multi-colours and layers of paint, you will reveal the original stone and brickwork that has been covered up for many years.

Brick Facing:

This is an important surface to get done after paint removal. It is mainly performed on brick to remove old repairs liked hardened cement, lime wash etc. We then high pressure hot wash the brick for the natural look.

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Old Paint

Old paint that is on masonry surfaces can cause moisture entrapment and is often hiding soft or rotting stone, or alternatively deteriorating painting, cracks and sometimes bad repairs. Additionally, many houses feature paint work that was chosen during a fad on the street that is no longer in fashion. Removing paint allows the masonry to dry out and breathe and lets you to decide what to do to the fresh surface.

Acid Wash:

Acid cleaning is used with high and low pressure hot water on new, old and even SH bricks. The method removes cement residue, smears, sponge wipes etc.  Acid cleaning can also be used on stone to remove stubborn stains and fire damage applications.


Our team can remove those annoying and sometimes obscene tags and murals off most surfaces and areas with our graffiti removal service.

High lift:

We have licenses to safely operate high lift equipment including, scissor and boom lift. We also provide scaffolding and set up for hire.

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